Friday, 5 March 2010

Journeys End

It's done.

I've finally finished the Fickle cardi-ma-bob, and the Spur shawl.
The Fickle finale was way overdue, we were both 1x1 rib weary by the end.

Spur on the other hand, could've gone on...
Should have in fact!
But the road ahead turned sharply from burnt ginger into sickly peach followed by intense turquoise.

I'm usually a fan of a twist in the road and seek them out.
But this knit was supposed to be all about comfort and ease. From the purchase of the yarns (done by other people) to the initial cast on of 5 stitches (did I mention I hate casting on?)
Then it was all garter stitch...simple & soothing, with pretty shifts in colour to keep me from attempting to knit it with my eyes closed.

But Peach!!! Really!!!

So it's a shawlette :) A lovely itchy thick one at that.
Paul said it 'looks like something from the 70's'
As far as I'm aware there are lots of things from the 70' I choose to take that as a compliment.

I don't have a modeled shot of it yet so here's a ridiculous close up instead :)


The Fickle thing is in part a triumph. I love the finished item and when I asked Paul he said '...yeah...Oh actually that's nice!' *cue a huge eyeroll from me* Good job I'm used to him :)

If I was to knit it again, (ha ha) there are changes that would have to be made. but nothing major.

Here it is...

Such a shame this colourway is now discontinued. I like it a lot.

I'm amazed it's not a laceweight rag considering how much this yarn got ripped out! I re knitted the bottom border 4 times! and the button band twice, not to mention it's earlier incarnations.

Tough, beautiful yarn.
Now what next?...


  1. I like your shawl a lot! I also really like your yarn! So pretty!

  2. Love your cardi...did you design it?