Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How not to not Knit.

So the dress pattern writing is taking a lot longer than I (naively) anticipated.

It appears that customising a knit to fit my body is fairly straightforward.
Making said design fit the 'standard' is frankly turning out to be a pain in the rump! (who'd have thought!) :)

There will have to be changes. However I'm striving to keep it's original simplicity.

In order to get this done I enforced upon myself a 'knitting ban' while I try to work this out.

When I say 'knitting ban' I mean no more new projects.
Not even swatching for that jumper that's knocking around in my head
(always at 3.45am why? why?)

So how does a Knitting addict cope in times of drought?
(especially when casting on the yoke for the 5th time just isn't particularly alluring)

I sort of bent/broke my own rules and had the knitting equivalent of a marathon!
Like when I decide to cut out sugars and spend the next week living on Galaxy bars!

I don't know how it happened (maybe I blacked out) but I made these 3 neckwarmers
It appears I also managed to bend the space/time continuum to spin the yarn for this one...


Which was actually how the full blown knit-gorge began.
I was window shopping some online yarn shops and saw some felted yarn.
You've probably seen it, used it, got the jumper etc... but it was all new to me.

So I figured that making my own felted yarn was within the rules. (right,right!)
I had dyed up this merino...

...a while ago, and I decided it would be perfect for my little experiment.

I spun it thick and thin on my drop spindle.
Which even with a roman spindle weight attached (a gift from a metal detector/treasure hunting friend) was too light to 'drop spin' so I just rolled it down my thigh to get the twist.
At times I did feel like I was wrestling an anaconda, but can you really think of a better way to spend a few hours? :)

When It was spun I soaked it in a bowl of hot water (as I would to set the twist) then I plopped it into a sink of cold water (giving it a bit of rough treatment while it was submerged)
I did this repeatedly and unsurprisingly It worked! (surprisingly It was nice too)

Here it is before I knitted it...

And that was the catalyst.
I mean, how could I not knit it?
As punishment it turns out the colours do not suit me at all (hence Poppy doing the modelling) so I decided to pop it in my etsy shop...
....but hang on, I can't put just one in there...that would look erm, unprofessional?
(and of course If I don't sell them I can keep them! Guilt free!)

So cough cough these two somehow appeared...



I don't think I have ever been so productive.

It's just a shame it wasn't my dress I was ploughing away at.
But hey ho...I did at least have a new idea for the increases while I was sewing on a ribbon.

Three cheers for not knitting!


  1. Hey there. I've really enjoyed your crafting journey. You've inspired me a lot and so I've nominated you for a sunshine award. You can collect it from my blog


  2. NEAT! (for the above!!) Hells, I love all of these! ALL of them! That yarn is awesome (the spun!) I wish I knew how to do that stuff!
    OK, time to stop procrastinating, talking about ME! I'm off to chart out st patterns, whheeeee! And you know they aren't going to work, and that I won't figure that out untill I get to like the shoulders or something.