Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Glad of Cake

Today was great!

I decided to cast on for my 2nd Glad mini dress and start getting the pattern written up.

Of course for such a venture one needs cake.
Chocolate cake.
Luckily Henry got right to it for me :)


Can you guess what the secret ingredient is?...:D


I actually iced it myself as Henry was still running laps around the living room...


So with cake at the ready, and gallons of tea I'm ready to tackle writing out my first pattern!

Here's my first pic of the new project...


I love the colour and I'm so excited to be getting on with this.
It's the same yarn as the original was knitted in. Twilleys Freedom Gorgeous, a bamboo/nylon blend.

As well as the cake, I'm also getting help and support from the wonderful Christine, a truly generous, enthusiastic all round good egg!
Her blog is here where you can see her fab new designs in progress.

Time for tea...


  1. Oh no way! Hahahaha, I just wrote a post about YOU too! hahaha!
    I can't believe this is the same color as the 1st! It looks more cranberry-purple in that light but I love it! I'm really into aubergine shades lately. A nice step up from black (?).
    Henry is too cute. I *almost* miss that age.
    Helen, you are amazing and I can't thank you enough for all of your help and kind words!
    PS, my blog is SO new I am not even sure if I entered it in correctly below, der.
    ETA- Yup, it contains ILLEGAL (!!!?) characters.

  2. Same yarn different colour! :D
    Oh no! not 'illegal characters' lol ;)

  3. I'm apparently an OUTLAW over here on blogger! Weirdness- I got my KP package! I thought I was getting a rich reddish purple with way more emphasis on the purple- but it is very similar to the color you got!
    Also, I will order more yarn from them- I think I made the wrong sweater yarn choice again- but 20 bucks is GREAT for a prototype and let's face it, I need prototype yarn!
    PS, HA! I'm logged in as Jonny also apparently.

  4. Oh my!
    Illegal characters AND posting in a false identity! :D You're clearly a bad influence, lol