Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The unknown Tuesday

Tuesday was mistaken for Monday....all day!
Until Paul reminded me that Caprica was about to start...Sigh you know you're getting old when your favourite T.V programmes remind you what day it is.

As I cozied down with hopes of some crazed Cylon action (must learn patience) I realised that ignorance really can be bliss, and that Tuesday had been a good day.

(Never mind that I got meat out of the freezer for a day that doesn't exist. Chicken and Sausage Thai curry anyone?)

I had some fun dyeing...


These are the Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (80/10/10) fingering/4ply.
It's a very flumptastic yarn! I think I'm going to dye one of the next batch for myself for a new shawlette, I've lost one of my Ishbels and I need a replacement.

Also, I'm feeling more confident with my 'Fickle' design.
There are certainly things that need tweaking, should I ever decide to offer the pattern.

However I feel like it's what I was aiming for when I first got the urge to knit it.

As I said before, I wanted something with a vintage feel to it.
It was mainly inspired by my favourite summer skirt...

I bought it on Ebay a few years ago. I particularly love the beading...


I haven't worn it since before Henry was born. I'm pretty sure it will still fit...just maybe not hang on the hips anymore!

Here's the Fickle wip..


I'm happy with the texture on the body, Stocking stitch just wasn't pleasing me before.
I kept eyeing the wrong side and wishing it was the front :)

Annoyingly I'm still unsure how to finish the sleeves and body.
(Cough, cough, what was that I said about ignorance and bliss?)

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