Saturday, 20 February 2010



The aforementioned lack of Knitting ability was beginning to bother me.

I am for the most part a process knitter.
I love everything about the potential of a project...the yarn of course, also stitches, shapes and trimmings.

Despite the fondness of the journey...I also expect the destination to be the knitwear equivalent of a week long massage on the beach of a sun blushed paradise...not a weekend in a dank B&B where the 'life & soul' of the place is the pervasive mildew on the shower curtain.

Not that I have high expectations or anything.

As fate would have it my sister phoned me from County Crafts in Loughborough and asked if I wanted any yarn (duh!) after much dithering and making her regret her thoughtfulness I chose some Kureyon.

I love Noro yarns (yes I'm one of those people) I love everything about them, knots and all!

I hadn't got a proper idea of the colourway she'd chosen for me, so I had no real project in mind, however when I saw it I instantly remembered a beautiful garter stitch shawl I'd seen on Ravelry.

I just cast on my way rather than following a pattern, if you're familiar with triangular shawls it's easy enough for something like this.

I chose the Rowan Tapestry from my stash as the other stripe (fitting as this was a gift from my daughter & another longwinded phone call from the yarn dept)

Miracle!!! cue the mojo hath returneth(...or something)
Perhaps it was the soothing garter stitch requiring very little brain power. Maybe the ever interesting changes in colour of the Kureyon, Hey it could have been the callouses appearing on my fingers from the twigs....It matters not!

I have been Knitting like a woman possessed ever since, and not just my shawl that I've named Spur, I've also been tanking along nicely with my Kid Classic Cardi.

Good Times, good times.

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