Monday, 15 February 2010

Oh Balls!...

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...3 of them!
Kid Classic in case you can't tell. This poor yarn has been ripped out so many times now i'm sure I see it shudder everytime I sit up straight and say 'Aaah! thats what i'll do...'

So the previously mentioned design didn't quite work out the way i'd hoped, It dawned on me during the ripping that i'd been knitting exactly nothing since Jan 27th.
Just knitting for the pleasure of frogging it seems (except there is little pleasure in repeatedly frogging a mohair blend)

I was actually pretty miserable when I thought about all this wasted time.
....Then I had an idea!
The Kid classic tried to roll away from my eager fingers, but due to possible exhaustion it just couldn't make it.

I cast on!...
Nay, I swatched, charted drew a schematic and then cast on.
It felt good. So good to have a real plan.
I looked down at my work full of hope....and had a little tiny niggle that said 'Hey Helen, This would look so much better in Mal silky'

Sigh Sorry yarn.

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