Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hi :)

I suppose as this is my first post I ought to introduce myself.... I'm Helen I have 3 great (usually) children - Poppy who's 12, Ewan (10) and little Henry who's nearly 2.
I'm married to Paul, who I met and fell in love with when I was 16 unfortunately he thought I was a 'little weirdo' and already had a girlfriend. Fate finally smiled on me when I was 19 and he erm came to his senses! ;)

I am pretty obsessed with all things Knitting. From yarns to the finished article....I am attempting to design my own patterns, Sadly my note taking skills are a little haphazard, I'm trying to work on it.

I rip out my knitting a lot.

I like to think i'm Nigella Lawson, but I frequently bugger up the simplest recipes.

I love Ravelry and if you would like to say Hi to me there I go by the username Scratchnsniff.

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