Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fickle much???

I'm Knitting this thing...I say thing because I really don't know what it's going to be.
On my Rav project page I've called it 'Fickle' because I kept changing my mind during the process of knitting it.

It began as an idea for a soft floaty layering piece, a short top down raglan cardigan actually. Using Rowan's lovely Kid Classic  in colourway 'Oats'
...Then part way through I decided to turn it into a tunic with a keyhole neckline and Old shale from under the bust to just past the hips. I probably had a slight tear in my eyes and a whimsical smile on my lips as I confidently knit on...imagining something I could wear on a idyllic beach, softly lit by fireflies while my Keira Knightly-esque self danced unashamedly in the moonlight.......

Unfortunately #1 - I live in middle England nowhere near a beach...

...#2 - I didn't look like Keira Knightly in it...more of a barrel wrapped in cotton wool.

And Unfortunately #3 - I didn't figure this out until I had cast off the body.

So It was sworn at (Clearly it was the Yarns fault!) and ripped out (btw Kid Classic frogs very well) Ignored for 10mins, then cast on again.

I decided to go back to the cardigan idea...Somehow I ended up increasing with reckless abandon under the bust...cast off last night and....I'm not sure if I like it

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