Saturday, 27 February 2010

Etsy Update

Just a quick little post to say that I've updated my Etsy shop.


Most of these are the Merino/Cashmere/Nylon 4ply although I re photographed 2 of my other bases as well (The dark green and the magenta/purple)

I'm sorely tempted to keep this one...

Luckily I have some more of this base to dye so I may well sneakily keep a skein for myself. ;)

I'm thinking it might make a pretty Ishbel...

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The unknown Tuesday

Tuesday was mistaken for Monday....all day!
Until Paul reminded me that Caprica was about to start...Sigh you know you're getting old when your favourite T.V programmes remind you what day it is.

As I cozied down with hopes of some crazed Cylon action (must learn patience) I realised that ignorance really can be bliss, and that Tuesday had been a good day.

(Never mind that I got meat out of the freezer for a day that doesn't exist. Chicken and Sausage Thai curry anyone?)

I had some fun dyeing...


These are the Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (80/10/10) fingering/4ply.
It's a very flumptastic yarn! I think I'm going to dye one of the next batch for myself for a new shawlette, I've lost one of my Ishbels and I need a replacement.

Also, I'm feeling more confident with my 'Fickle' design.
There are certainly things that need tweaking, should I ever decide to offer the pattern.

However I feel like it's what I was aiming for when I first got the urge to knit it.

As I said before, I wanted something with a vintage feel to it.
It was mainly inspired by my favourite summer skirt...

I bought it on Ebay a few years ago. I particularly love the beading...


I haven't worn it since before Henry was born. I'm pretty sure it will still fit...just maybe not hang on the hips anymore!

Here's the Fickle wip..


I'm happy with the texture on the body, Stocking stitch just wasn't pleasing me before.
I kept eyeing the wrong side and wishing it was the front :)

Annoyingly I'm still unsure how to finish the sleeves and body.
(Cough, cough, what was that I said about ignorance and bliss?)

Saturday, 20 February 2010



The aforementioned lack of Knitting ability was beginning to bother me.

I am for the most part a process knitter.
I love everything about the potential of a project...the yarn of course, also stitches, shapes and trimmings.

Despite the fondness of the journey...I also expect the destination to be the knitwear equivalent of a week long massage on the beach of a sun blushed paradise...not a weekend in a dank B&B where the 'life & soul' of the place is the pervasive mildew on the shower curtain.

Not that I have high expectations or anything.

As fate would have it my sister phoned me from County Crafts in Loughborough and asked if I wanted any yarn (duh!) after much dithering and making her regret her thoughtfulness I chose some Kureyon.

I love Noro yarns (yes I'm one of those people) I love everything about them, knots and all!

I hadn't got a proper idea of the colourway she'd chosen for me, so I had no real project in mind, however when I saw it I instantly remembered a beautiful garter stitch shawl I'd seen on Ravelry.

I just cast on my way rather than following a pattern, if you're familiar with triangular shawls it's easy enough for something like this.

I chose the Rowan Tapestry from my stash as the other stripe (fitting as this was a gift from my daughter & another longwinded phone call from the yarn dept)

Miracle!!! cue the mojo hath returneth(...or something)
Perhaps it was the soothing garter stitch requiring very little brain power. Maybe the ever interesting changes in colour of the Kureyon, Hey it could have been the callouses appearing on my fingers from the twigs....It matters not!

I have been Knitting like a woman possessed ever since, and not just my shawl that I've named Spur, I've also been tanking along nicely with my Kid Classic Cardi.

Good Times, good times.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New Yarns

I've just added a small amount of yarn to my Etsy shop.
The dyeing is going well at present (unlike the knitting!)

I'm waiting for a delivery of a new base to sell alongside the Credence and Jolly sock, Very excited I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Here's a pic of my favourite colourway 'Beam'...

blog 007

This is the Jolly sock yarn, which is 100% Superwash Merino.

I've also made a button for the cardigan (that doesn't exist...nothing wrong with being an optimist)

blog 010

Hurrah! I've made progress! :D

Monday, 15 February 2010

Oh Balls!...

blog 009
Originally uploaded by Knitnchoc

...3 of them!
Kid Classic in case you can't tell. This poor yarn has been ripped out so many times now i'm sure I see it shudder everytime I sit up straight and say 'Aaah! thats what i'll do...'

So the previously mentioned design didn't quite work out the way i'd hoped, It dawned on me during the ripping that i'd been knitting exactly nothing since Jan 27th.
Just knitting for the pleasure of frogging it seems (except there is little pleasure in repeatedly frogging a mohair blend)

I was actually pretty miserable when I thought about all this wasted time.
....Then I had an idea!
The Kid classic tried to roll away from my eager fingers, but due to possible exhaustion it just couldn't make it.

I cast on!...
Nay, I swatched, charted drew a schematic and then cast on.
It felt good. So good to have a real plan.
I looked down at my work full of hope....and had a little tiny niggle that said 'Hey Helen, This would look so much better in Mal silky'

Sigh Sorry yarn.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Fickle much???

I'm Knitting this thing...I say thing because I really don't know what it's going to be.
On my Rav project page I've called it 'Fickle' because I kept changing my mind during the process of knitting it.

It began as an idea for a soft floaty layering piece, a short top down raglan cardigan actually. Using Rowan's lovely Kid Classic  in colourway 'Oats'
...Then part way through I decided to turn it into a tunic with a keyhole neckline and Old shale from under the bust to just past the hips. I probably had a slight tear in my eyes and a whimsical smile on my lips as I confidently knit on...imagining something I could wear on a idyllic beach, softly lit by fireflies while my Keira Knightly-esque self danced unashamedly in the moonlight.......

Unfortunately #1 - I live in middle England nowhere near a beach...

...#2 - I didn't look like Keira Knightly in it...more of a barrel wrapped in cotton wool.

And Unfortunately #3 - I didn't figure this out until I had cast off the body.

So It was sworn at (Clearly it was the Yarns fault!) and ripped out (btw Kid Classic frogs very well) Ignored for 10mins, then cast on again.

I decided to go back to the cardigan idea...Somehow I ended up increasing with reckless abandon under the bust...cast off last night and....I'm not sure if I like it
Hi :)

I suppose as this is my first post I ought to introduce myself.... I'm Helen I have 3 great (usually) children - Poppy who's 12, Ewan (10) and little Henry who's nearly 2.
I'm married to Paul, who I met and fell in love with when I was 16 unfortunately he thought I was a 'little weirdo' and already had a girlfriend. Fate finally smiled on me when I was 19 and he erm came to his senses! ;)

I am pretty obsessed with all things Knitting. From yarns to the finished article....I am attempting to design my own patterns, Sadly my note taking skills are a little haphazard, I'm trying to work on it.

I rip out my knitting a lot.

I like to think i'm Nigella Lawson, but I frequently bugger up the simplest recipes.

I love Ravelry and if you would like to say Hi to me there I go by the username Scratchnsniff.